Fonteva Implementation for West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce

The West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce (WNYC) provides a range of high-quality professional services to support local business in the counties of West and North Yorkshire, England. WNYC offers assistance ranging from discounted marketing and advertising promotion to free legal help, all designed to grow local businesses and attract new ones.

The Challenge

The West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce is building stronger local communities by helping businesses get access to the tools they need to grow the economy in the area.

5 Ways to Extract Value from your CRM investment

From aligning business processes with technology to choosing future-proofed tools - there are a great many things a Not-For-Profit can do to maximise the return on investment from its CRM and other core technology choices. The key, as per this article, is to have a proper system for doing so....

iMIS Healthcheck

Most organisations do not use their technology nearly as well as they could be for various reasons:-

  • Staff leaving has meant that knowledge of the system has faded
  • Not being able to keep apace with upgrades
  • Too little resource to get you over the hump to having members and donors serve themselves more.
  • Too many complex workarounds

Our experienced consultants have seen these scenarios many times and can help you to identify, plan and overcome the hurdles to better performance of your engagement management system

Technology SignPosting

We help you make technology choices that are aligned to your strategic goals and working constraints

Embedded Newsletter Signup in Umbraco for ReThink


Rethink is one of the largest mental health charities in the UK and they have a large number of members and are actively recruiting to increase their membership supporters. They use Umbraco as their main website CMS , and they needed various signup forms put into this website to help in recruiting more contacts and possible supporters as well as helping their beneficiaries to get the care they needed.

How to Evaluate your CRM API

Most CRM databases come with some sort of API these days, but organisations really need to understand what is in the API if they are to get real value and actually make the API connect their various systems. Here are a few pointers on what to look for in a CRM API

A) Types of web-service API. There are various types of web-services APIs and quite frankly if your CRM does not have a web-services API, the costs and risks of integrating to the cloud are going to be prohibitive. Here are the most common types on order of their usefulness