The Value of Aligning Business Goals and Technology Roadmaps

How does one derive value from a CRM investment over the long term - beyond the first 5 years? How does an association ensure that it doesn't outgrow its technology or get to the point where it is seen as no longer fit for purpose? Its too easy to blame the tech, but the number of times we do implementations for organisations that state their old tech is no longer fit for purpose, when it is really not, is uncomfortable.

This is not to say that the organisation does not need a new implementation, let's be clear. It does, however mean that the organisation has lost parallelism with the tech that they have been using. And it is far too easy for this to creep up on organisations, without them realising it.

The biggest culprit of this outcome is insisting on too much bespoke coding being done at the point of initial implementation. Bespoke coding is:-