SKU: QueryCalendar
Turn IQA queries into calendars


  • Pull any dates out of iMIS in a query and have them display in a calendar
  • Pop-up window as soon as you hover over a high-lighted date
  • Fully customisable layout of pop-up as it is based on an IQA query
  • Display multiple events on a single date in the pop-up
  • Apply out-of-the box skins or use Telerik Visual Styler for your own design 
  • Fits easily into any sidebar on any page or can be used in combination with out-of-box Dynamic Content Items.
Present your data - beautifully

Here are a few of the amazing things you can do with Viewz - 

  • Predictive smart searching - results display and narrow as you type
  • Data can be based on IQA queries or stored procedures
  • Takes the output and tokenizes the fields, so that they can be placed anywhere on a page
  • All fields can then be separately styled with CSS or bootstrap framework
  • Flexible page layouts using HTML markup
  • Handles graphics in queries beautifully
Viewz Cards
Viewz Predictive
SKU: QueryRedirector
Easily create personalised web journeys

Some areas where it can work:

  • Redirect users to change their passwords at set intervals
  • Redirect groups to see enhanced product pages
  • Don’t allow existing members to sign up for new membership types
  • Promote certain offers to particular groups in iMIS
  • Redirect certain users to completely different websites (like a high visibility/accessability site)
  • The uses are endless………

Here’s how it works:-

Enforce Password Change