We use a proven agile methodology to implement your system to your strategic needs and your budget, and leave you empowered to develop the system further yourselves.
  • Analyses your current system integrity
  • Maps your business processes to best practise in iMIS
  • Realises performance gains from better online self-service
  • Leaves you with a fully functional Engament Management System
What we do: We analyse your current business processes and your current use of CRM or spreadsheets and document this. We create user stories for each process and challenge you to improve processes where possible given what is possible in iMIS. We help you to prioritise all user stories according to how long each will take and what your working budget is. We work with your users to educate them as early as possible so they can do much of the configuration themselves and become iMIS masters by the end of the process.
How we do it: We put agile at the heart of all of our projects - which means that we value people and conversations ahead of reams of documentation, and we also value working software over theoretical process.
What you get: You will be left with a fully functional iMIS solution that is able to manage your business processes, and that has all your necessary data migrated into it. You will also be left with trained users, capable of training new staff themselves, and capable of using the tools within the system to extend it themselves.
Costs: We will build you a bespoke estimate, based on your needs.
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