If you're having a hard time getting real value from iMIS or keeping upwith what it is capable of and how it can transform your organisation, our iMIS health check could be for you.
  • Analyseshow well you are using real-time web reporting
  • Highlights the manual processing bottlenecks are and how they could be avoided
  • Looks at perfomance issues and how to resolve
  • Looks at what upgrading could achieve

Most organisations do not use their technology nearly as well as they could be for various reasons:-

  • Staff leaving has meant that knowledge of the system has faded
  • Not being able to keep apace with upgrades
  • Too little resource to get you over the hump to having members and donors serve themselves more.
  • Too many complex workarounds

Our experienced consultants have seen these scenarios many times and can help you to identify, plan and overcome the hurdles to better performance of your engagement management system

What we do: Our iMIS System Health Check looks at all the parts of your system, from hardware to operating sustems to versions of iMIS and any add-ons you are/are-not using. We do root cause analysis of where you are expending too mauch manual effort and where the obvious time and money savings can be made.
How we do it: We'll firstly document your strategic objectives and how well you think you are achieving them and how well iMIS is performing in this regard. Then we'll run a series of reports and tests on your system to analyse what you have and how it is performing. We'll spend time with your users, documeting how they currently use the system and run their processes, and where the majority of their time is spent. Our consultants will then go away and draw up a report that will be presented back to your organisation ayt the end of the exercise.
What you get: We will produce a clear report on your use of iMIS which looks at flaws in your system as well as its good points. We'll highlight any obvious risks and how they should be mitigated. The report will highlight performance bottlenecks, and how they could be overcome using standard iMIS elements. We'll also highlight opportiunities for growth or better performance and give a clear roadmap of how this could be achieved.
Costs: We will build you a bespoke estimate, based on your needs.
Category: CRM
Clients benefitting: Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Law society of scotland