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Easy, dashboard-driven web analytics in Rise - WebSenz records all page visits against iMIS contacts, unlike Google's anonymous stats, allowing you to personalise your web-analytics and extract real value by cross-referencing with any iMIS data.
Monthly Subscription: From just £80 per month for up to 5 iMIS users
  • Contact us for higher volume pricing.
  • Subscriptions are charged annually
  • Implementation fees apply
Category: Analytics, iMIS, Web

WebSenz is a web-analytiics module for iMIS20 Cloud written right inside of RiSE. Unlike Google's anonymous approach, WebSenz tracks each and every page hit to the individual member or donor who carried out the action. This means you can easily cross-reference your web usage data with any other iMIS data, for example:-

See which event registrants or product purchases came from a particular website (Twitter, facebook etc...). See who is looking at your products and not buying them.

See which member-types are become more or less engaged on the web.

Want to develop a mobile app for members - see which engaged members are using which devices and what screen sizes they are using.

...all the data is in iMIS so the possibilities are endless.

See it in action:

Public site: https://imistour832.imiscloud.com/MBRR

WebSenz Admin: https://imistour832.imiscloud.com/WebSenz

Username: [email protected]

Password: demo1234


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