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If you are struggling to get transactions from a third-party provider into iMIS cloud, Zenloader is the right solution for you. This solution easily allows you to import bulk payments from any external source with a simple CSV file. NOTE: THIS SOLUTION ONLY PAYS OFF EXISTING ORDERS AND SUBSCRIPTIONS, IT DOES NOT CREATE NEW ORDERS!
Monthly Subscription: from £99 for 10k transactions/month

Subscriptions are per iMIS instance per month and are billed annually.

Category: CRM, iMIS, Web
Tags: Cloud, iMIS


- Facilitates the mass import of payments received from external sources against open invoices e.g ACH, BACS, EFT  

- Cloud-friendly, built using RiSE and a client-based UI framework over the iMIS REST API  

- Processes payments against all open invoices (including cash /pro-forma invoices)  

- Processes multiple part payments against open invoices  

- Maintains Sales Ledger Integrity - does not write directly to the Trans table


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