iMIS Solutions

WebSenz Cloud

Hits by Device
  • Real-time analytics dashboards
  • Record page visits by member-type, IP, device etc...
  • Web history on contact profile
  • Works with i200 and 300


  • Easily create self-service interfaces with clicks not code
  • Agile - single iMIS iPart that works with core iParts
  • Create and edit business logic in SQL stored procedures
  • Conditional dropdowns, API calls, responsive frames....

ZenDebit for Cloud

  • Fewer failures and faster revenue recognition.
  • Pay off Cash or Accrual subs and dues monthly, quarterly, annually
  • Real-time dashboards and automated processes - empowers staff efficeincies
  • Ditch the manual files - Fully automated GoCardless integration
  • Works seamlessly with i200 and i300 cloud checkouts
  • Works in UK, Europe, Australia, NZ and USA


  • Facilitates the mass import of payments received from external sources against open invoices e.g ACH, BACS, EFT
  • Cloud-friendly, built using RiSE and a client-based UI framework over the iMIS REST API
  • Processes payments against all open invoices (including cash /pro-forma invoices)
  • Processes multiple part payments against open invoices
  • Maintains Sales Ledger Integrity - does not write directly to the Trans table