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Query redirector is a simple way to create personalized web journeys for your constituents based on any dynamic data in iMIS. Any individual or group in iMIS can be automatically redirected to any page on the web from any iMIS RiSE or WCM page.
Monthly Subscription: 27USD (20GBP) per month subscription
  • Price is per admin user in iMIS (admin user is someone who will configure/edit this product).
  • Minimum no of licenses is 2.
  • Billed annually.
Category: Personalisation, Web

Some areas where it can work:

  • Redirect users to change their passwords at set intervals
  • Redirect groups to see enhanced product pages
  • Don’t allow existing members to sign up for new membership types
  • Promote certain offers to particular groups in iMIS
  • Redirect certain users to completely different websites (like a high visibility/accessability site)
  • The uses are endless………

Here’s how it works:-

  1. Configure an IQA query to pick up the group you wish to redirect. For example write a query picking up whether a user has to change their password based on some business rules.The result of the query is just a URL. Note Query Redirector supports fulll SQL logic in IQA expressions.
  2. Drop the Query redirector Dynamic Content Item onto any page on a Rise Website, and point it to the specific query you have written.
  3. Now any user who is picked up by the query will be redirected to the new URL, for example users with a password expiry date meeting your criteria can be redirected to a page where they can change their login


  • Bryan Harlbut, Church of the Foursquare, Tue, 08/30/2016 - 18:13:

    The Zengage Query Redirector has been invaluable in the creation of our iMIS security schema and information routing processes. Because of its pre-load execution and dependence on IQA queries with their underlying business objects, we have unlimited control to create routing and limiting experiences as comprehensive and complex as we need. Pulling data from multiple sources, across multiple scenarios, using multiple statuses to direct our user experience from one resource to the next is the type of control we needed and the type of control we enjoy. Thank you Zengage for augmenting iMIS in a stellar fashion.

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