For smaller associations and charities, it may be too costly to recruit and retain an experienced iMIS database manager. When you need support, you need someone who knows iMIS, understands your organisation and can give you a few hours when you need them to ensure you keep getting value from your EMS. It’s time for Engagement Management on demand.
  • Get access to qualified iMIS specialists when you need them
  • Benefit from discounted rates with prepaid blocks of hours
  • Only use the resource you need when you need it
  • Help with Billing and Renewals
  • Reports and Queries written for you when you need them
  • iMIS Upgrades on demand
What we do: We’re iMIS specialists – whichever version you are using. We have years of experience of tips and tricks with the system. We provide the experience, knowledge of tools, capability and flexibility of your own iMIS database administrator without the need to actually employ one!
How we do it: We give you guaranteed response times and access to our specialists with the purchase of prepaid support blocks of hours for 50, 100 or 200 hours at a time.
What you get: A qualified, experienced iMIS database management professional to manage your database when you need and provide advice and guidance remotely or in person. A quick turnaround to produce queries and reports Help with mailings and communications eg template creatiuon and IQA selections Guidance on Rise administration and web development Ad hoc training

We offer 20, 30 and 50 hour support packages at discounted rates depending on the size of the support block
These are pre-paid and you’ll receive a regular report on the time you have spent and the time left.

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Clients benefitting: Rethink, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons,