• The Value of Aligning Business Goals and Technology Roadmaps

    How does one derive value from a CRM investment over the long term - beyond the first 5 years? How does an association ensure that it doesn't outgrow its technology or get to the point where it is seen as no longer fit for purpose? Its too easy to blame the tech, but the number of times we do implementations for organisations that state their old tech is no longer fit for purpose, when it is really not, is uncomfortable.

    This is not to say that the organisation does not need a new implementation, let's be clear. It does, however mean that the organisation has lost parallelism with the tech that they have been using. And it is far too easy for this to creep up on organisations, without them realising it.

    The biggest culprit of this outcome is insisting on too much bespoke coding being done at the point of initial implementation. Bespoke coding is:-

  • All Change - Zengage is becoming Zentso

    As of 15th May, Zengage will become a page in our great history book and we will begin trading under the name Zentso. The change was needed because there was some competition over the Zengage name as we spread our wings internationally, and we were not able to maintain our brand name across all the shores we worked on. For this reason, we have come up with a very unique and trademarked name that allows us to keep our Zen persona, but also allows us to be uniquely identified, wherever we work. Zentso stands fr Zen Technical Solutions, and also means "Temple" in Japanese. Regards the legal gubbins, our legal names will still continue to be Zengagers Ltd and Zengagers Inc, so there is no change there. We're happy to bring you along into this new chapter in our journey, and we promise we'll continue to provide the same great levels of service we always have.
  • Conditional Dropdown Lists for WebToolz

    Zengagers have just released an update to WebToolz that allows you to do conditional dropdowns in forms - to as many levels as you need and all using IQA. Making compelling online forms has never been so easy!

    Have a gander at the video below to see how it's done.

  • 5 Ways to Extract Value from your CRM investment

    From aligning business processes with technology to choosing future-proofed tools - there are a great many things a Not-For-Profit can do to maximise the return on investment from its CRM and other core technology choices. The key, as per this article, is to have a proper system for doing so....

  • How to Evaluate your CRM API

    Most CRM databases come with some sort of API these days, but organisations really need to understand what is in the API if they are to get real value and actually make the API connect their various systems. Here are a few pointers on what to look for in a CRM API

    A) Types of web-service API. There are various types of web-services APIs and quite frankly if your CRM does not have a web-services API, the costs and risks of integrating to the cloud are going to be prohibitive. Here are the most common types on order of their usefulness